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Growing in Christian faith: Living God's way: Giving in Christian service

Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission

Growing in Christian faith, Living God’s way, Giving in Christian service

St George’s congregation and leadership team have already committed a great deal of prayer and thought to discerning God’s vision for the parish. The point we have reached is to commit ourselves to focussing on three areas of discipleship and mission, these are:

Growing in Christian faith

We need to work on discipleship, training and what it means to be a church member.  No matter how long we have been a Christian believer, each one of us needs to continue to learn and to grow as a Christian, and we all need to learn and to grow as a church.  We need to grow in Christ and to share our faith with those around us.  To help nurture and encourage this growth, St George’s leadership team is committed to working together under God in the areas of worship – including preaching, teaching and music – prayer, study and fellowship.  We want to see God’s people grow and St George’s develop even further as a thriving and witnessing Christian community.

Living God’s Way

Jesus was concerned that people were living their lives their own way and not God’s way.  In our own day, we increasingly see the world’s lifestyles at odds with Christian lifestyle.  We must remember that our faith as Christians is not only about what we believe and about belonging to a church fellowship: it is also a matter of behaviour and how we conduct our lives.  We want to encourage one another to learn what it means to ‘live God’s way’ – following Jesus’ example - and to put what we learn into practice.  More and more the church is called to be counter-cultural, going against the dominant views of society.  We are called to be prophetic people – not only the yeast in the mix but also the beacon on the hill.

Giving in Christian service

Jesus set us a supreme example of what it means to be a ‘servant of all’.  How can we follow that example, as we see Jesus meeting people ‘at the point of their need’?  St George’s is set in a dominant position in the middle of Gravesend, welcoming large numbers of visitors.  We want to share our Christian faith with those around us.  We also want to serve the people of our parish in practical ways, from social action to simply being a listening ear.  There are people who live, work, shop and spend leisure time in the parish.  How can we reach out to them?  We want to be at the heart of our community, welcoming people in to our premises for a wide range of activities from pre-school clubs to events for older people to concerts for the community.

Within our three areas for mission, we have already identified six priorities and are making progress, thanks to God. 

These areas are:

Involvement in church and community

More interaction with the homeless; more interaction with young people at school

Children and young families

Promoting the opportunities we have for children and young people better than ever. 


Encouragement to examine ourselves and our place on the journey; encourage testimonies

Pastoral care

Raise awareness of the services offered by the pastoral team with church members:  this could include a notice board with contact details, and ; promotion during services – even a special annual service for this work

Giving of time, talents and funds

Promoting a ‘gratitude attitude’ – do it for God and do it for good.  We should organise a stewardship campaign

Prayer and worship

Looking at ways to engage people more in worship.  Teaching on prayer  and putting a particular focus on the importance of prayer


With God’s grace, these are our priorities for 2012 and we aim to evaluate and review them towards the end of the year with a view to setting new ones for 2013.


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