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Church History

Church History

The Stained Glass

The East Window, The Risen Lord and its supporting panels, comes from the old chancel and was presented by Col. Gladdish in 1866 in memory of his wife Elizabeth. The other chancel windows, The Good Shepherd and Christ at the Door together with small panels pf three of the Evangelists and their symbols,date from 1892, the yar the chancel was extended. The name of the artist is not know but all the stainig int eh group is thought to be the work of the same person. The Good Shepherd and Christ at the Door were presented by the "ladies" and the "children"of the congregation respectively.

The two nave windows were cut out in 1914 and filled with stained glass presented by the Society of Colonial Dames of America in the STate of Virginia as a memoial to Princess Pocahontas. The south window represents the figure of Ruth and the north of rebecca, the name she took at her baptism. Both incorporate cartouches of Pocahontas; also depicted are her baptism in one and Ruth accompanying Naomi in the other. Within the borders one sees American plants - Virginia creeper, dogwood, saragas and redbud.

With one exception, all the stained glass in the south wall date from the 1890s.

The OrganThe Organs

The original organ in the west gallery was installed in 1764 and paid for out of a legacy from john Ison, a local innkeper ( see also Nave). Built by George England, a celebrated organ builder, it is a fine instrument and incorporates three manuals and a pedal board. Sadly it is not now in working order and would be too costly to repair.

The modern organ in the north-east corner transferred from another church, St. James', which was declared redundent in 1968. The name of the original builder is uncertain, although it is thought to be Willis. Certainly Brownes of Canterbury rebuilt it in St.George's. It too is an instrument of high quality, well suited to the clear acoustics of the church.

The Silver

The Georgian Silver, which fortunately survived the fire of 1727, consits of a flagon, two cups and covers, two plates and a spoon perforated for straining wine. It appears these were made to the church in 1639 - one by the Rector of Chislehurst.

In 1957, the people of Virginia presented to the Queen a cup and a plate, copies of the communion vessels used by the original colonists. They were made to commemorate the 350th Anniversary of the founding of the colony. These the Queen has generously placed in St. George's Church.

It was given in 1887 and placed originally at the east window of the North Aisle. It was moved to its present position in 1952 to replace a window, Christ Walking on the Water, which was badly damaged when the church as closed for a time.

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